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Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams

We set up a Dedicated SEO Team for your websites selecting professionals matching your exact business requirements. We also engage a Team Leader or Project Manager into the team based on your requirement or recommendation. The team becomes your offshore dedicated staff, which works full-time for you on a fixed monthly fee.


The team works directly under your control and Team Leader or Project Manager supervises the team members on your behalf to ensure optimal output and productivity. TL or PM updates you project progress report on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Benefits of offshore dedicated SEO Staff?


Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Fixed monthly cost, with no overhead or hidden fees
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Significant cost savings compared to on-site teams
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Highly skilled resources
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Operations can be rapidly scaled up, when required
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Easy communication using voice, IM
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Project management and regular status reports
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Excellent infrastructure with the latest technology put to use
Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams Your complete control over resources and processes

Offshore SEO Dedicated Teams A perfect coordination with your in-house professionals


You can hire a full-time SEO team if you want to optimize and promote 2-5 or more websites simultaneously. Our highly skilled SEO experts use advanced search engine optimization software and technology to ensure high visibility of your website on major search engines.


We have experienced keyword research analysts to identify best keywords with high traffic and low competition. Also, our link building team has specialization in off-page optimization to increase organic traffic on your website.


At Wazebs Technologies, we provide reliable and affordable search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website. We enhance visibility of your website on web, to get maximum targeted traffic or increase the return on investment for business.


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Outsource search engine optimization services to us to increase your company’s profits and reduce company’s in house costs (administration costs) upto 65%.

You can CONTACT US +91-9155449999, at any time with queries regarding your website search engine optimization outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.