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Industrial Training in Patna

Industrial Training is  important in Career for Students in Engineering Stream ( Either in Btech,BE,Diploma and MCA) . Wazebs Technologies is Providing both six weeks and six months Industrial Training in Patna, Bihar .  Students from various Engineering Colleges and University Undergo Industrial Training At Wazebs Technologies in Patna, Bihar. Candidates who undergo Industrial training in Patna from Wazebs Technologies are from ECE ,EI ,IT ,CSE and Electrical Engineering . During This period  Students  have to  decide Field &  technology that would Help them find Right path for there Career and get them great job & placement .

B.Tech ,B.E , Diploma , MCA Student that Approach Wazebs Technologies for  industrial training Undergo  two types of training   6 week and  6 months. Companies Which Want Candidates for Placement Want them to Have Technical Specialization in at least one  latest technologies used in market. Industrial Training is best way to get  skills as needed by these companies.

Wazebs Technologies  provides Industrial Training In Patna,Bihar and Cover vast Field of Technologies.

  • Industrial Training In Advance Cisco Network Design , topics like CCNA , CCNP , CCIE are Covered here . join Wazebs Technologies  for Industrial Training in Patna for Cisco Education and training.
  • Industrial Training In Embedded System Design and Development ( Wazebs Develop Variety of Advance Embedded System projects for CSIO , TBRL  like Government organizations  as well as for Private Electronics Firms , lot of Custom development based  On Arm uC , Atmel Avrs ,Microchip 8/16/32 Platforms are being Developed) . Students From Almost  all Engineering Colleges  undergo  Both Six weeks and Six months Industrial Training in Patna In Embedded Division  . Join Embedded System Six weeks / Six months  Industrial Training in Patna .
  • Robotics Design and Development ( Due to our vast Embedded Development Experience , Wazebs Also offer services for Robotics Design And has Developed Robotics Prototyping Platform For Govt and Private Sector As well as Easy to learn platform for Students And hobbyist .  Robotics Design and Development  Also Help Students With Engineering Stream like ECE ,EI ,Electrical Engineering To improve there Skills in Electronic System Logic Design  , Sensor Development And Complete System Integration  .  Students also learn Robotics System Design  During Six weeks And Six months Industrial Training Program In Patna.
  • Industrial Training In Software Development , Wazebs Technologies Software Division is Developing Software ,website, CRM, doing Seo jobs Since 2011  by the name Of Wazebs Technologies website : Wazebs Technologies Has Vast variety of Web Developers That work on Various Projects 14 hours a day for there World wide Customers From USA, UK, Australia , Newzealand ,Switzerland ,Norway, France etc . Our Expertise are Cake Php , Zend , CODEIGNITER, YII , PHP Frameworks, Cms like WordPress ,joomla also Web designing in Html4,html5 ,Css  and Search engine optimization  Services . Wazebs Technologies Require Vast variety of Developers , there Conduct various Training in Software Field like Php ,Cms , SEO , Java , Asp .net
  • Industrial Training In Advance Mobile Software Development Based ON Android Software Development , Wazebs Develop Various Mobile Software For Its World Wide clients based On Android™ application Development and is Also Providing Android Development Training both For Small Duration 45 days , 3 months As well as Six months Industrial Training. Android is good Choice for Industrial Training in field of software Development . As all over world brand wants Android Apps along with there online websites and number of Android Developers required for this field are rare .
  • Industrial Training In PLC , SCADA and Automation  ,These Days Another Rising Field Is PLC and Automation as Lot of Manufacturing Industry is Coming Up in and around Patna to Boost up this industry like Pharmaceutics , Auto parts , Kitting industry , Automation is required . For this Automation field Specially trained  From ECE ,EI with good Training Experience in Plc and Automation are required to Fulfill  Need of this Automation Industry Rudraksha train Peaple in Plc ,Scada & Automation Systems . Wazebs has complete dedicated labs with Plc Panels , Scada Systems which help student to learn Automation Practically .

Depending on Engineering Trade , personal interest , one of the following option can be selected for Industrial Training . Students can be from Electronics ,Computer Science ,IT ( B Tech , Diploma or MCA)

  • Networking
  • Software Development
  • Embedded System
  • PLC

Six Weeks or 2 months training Industrial Training is Available in:

  • Software Development: in  JAVA, C Sharp, ASP .Net, Android & PHP
  • Network Administration: in  Cisco CCNA, Linux & Microsoft MCITP
  • Electronics & Embedded:  8051, PIC, Avr , Robotics & Plc Automation

Six Month Industrial Training is Available in:

  • EMBEDDED:        PLC,  AVR,  ARM ,Robotics
  • CISCO:               CCNP,  CCVP, CCIP also CCIE
  • .NET:                 C Sharp,  ASP .NET
  • PHP:                  Advance PHP & CMS
  • JAVA:                Java , Advance Java, Android App development
  • Plc and Automation :   Plc , Automation , panel design , Scada

Good training happens when the participants are committed and the trainer is passionate about the subject. Great training happens when you are stimulated and challenged to go beyond your current frame of thinking and create a new reality about the subject.

We at Wazebs always strive for the best. The curriculum and course material and of Wazebs  has been prepared after an intensive research and study so that it can be easily grasped by the students of all levels.